Locating Drivers on the Dell site for a Windows Reinstall

All information on this site is furnished in a general manner and can have errors, oversights and so cannt be expected to cover every specific scenario. Please research any information used with Dell documentation or contact their tech support if any clarification is needed.

How to locate and download the Drivers on Dell's Site

This is best done before the reinstallation if possible. Download the drivers and burn them to a disk or save to a USB flash drive. The quickest way to find your drivers would be to go to http://support.dell.com/ and click on the drivers link " I'm looking for Drivers and Downloads" and then enter your service tag.

Be sure to double check which version of Windows is displayed. The site gets this wrong sometimes.

Once you are on the correct page, the one showing driver categories, you will need to click the "+" symbols next to the categories to expand them and then you will see the links to click on to start your files downloading.


A guy on youtube put together a nice video showing how to do this: